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The Begining.....

In the midst of various problems Raju the shop keeper had maintained a good rapport with God almighty. In 1994, he had gone to Malayattoor, a famous religious pilgrim place in Kerala where he noticed a beggar from the crowd and given him little money . But the beggar was not aware of happenings, he was smiling and looking here and there. Raju then realized that the begger was mentally challenged. During his return journey, Raju was thinking over and over about this mentally challenged person.He understood the life in him and the begger is given by one God.

This thought enlightened his mind and decided to extent love and care to mentaly challenged and retatrded persons. At that time he had only 3-cents of own property along with his shop. He had no idea how he could render help to such people. Flourishing his desire he shared his wish with certain spiritual leaders and they inspired him to go ahead. During that occasion, Raju’s 8 year old son Nibin dreamed that his father brought some homeless people from street. Raju was inspired by his son’s words.
Raju’s sister was trying to go to Italy for a Job. Not knowing what is in store she merely told him that she would give first two months salary for his dream plan, if she gets job. A miracle happened! She got a job in italy and sent 50000 rupees, months before Raju could take the final decision. He bought 10 cents of land coupled with loan and made a shed for the poor. The first guests of Snehamandiram were three poor people from Kottayam medical college. One of them wasThenkasi resident Murukan who lost his two legs, and the others were Thomachan & George. Bro. Raju started snehamandiram with only 7 kg of rise. Since then God provides to meet the daily needs of the people in snehamandiram through many others, after offering every prayer unto him.

Today’s Snehamandiram....

God fulfilled his plan through Br. V.C.Raju 20 years ago. Snehamandiram has given shelter for more than 2500 lives those have been deserted, physically disabled and mentally challenged and retarded without any differences between culture,religion,colour and place.Now there are 326 people in Snehamandiram. Out of this there are 140 men ,104 women, 40 children and 38 volunteers. Out of this ,573 people who have recovered from their illneses have been sent back safely to their homes.This also includes people who are working for their livelihood, some who are married and now taking care of a family. The many big and small needs of he people of snehamandiram are met by the goodness of the people who understand them.There are many brothers and sisters here who have sacrificed their lives for these innocent people. We can also witness here people who were once sick and are now healed are now healed are taking care of others. “You should have to love each other like how I loved you” Those who have seen and experienced the power of prayer by those mentally challenged and the blind are there every-where in the world. Through rosary procession and prayer vigil, their prayers of these innocent ones give comfort and consolation even today to many people.